PlantLife: Botanical Art Journal

A message to BAASA members from Graham Grieve,
the new editor of the journal, PlantLife:

The Dawn of the Digital Edition is coming!

The journal, ‘PlantLife’ up to now has been a glossy, hard copy journal published rather infrequently in recent years. I am taking it back to its origins as a more informal means of communication between amateur plant lovers and botanists.

It is to become a free-subscription fully electronic journal and I expect the first edition to be “published” around the end of July 2018.

You can subscribe by going to the PlantLife South Africa’s website and fill in your email details in the “Follow by email” box.

I would like to encourage BAASA members to use PlantLife as a place to showcase their work. If any BAASA member would like to contribute, they can contact me at plantlife.editor@gmail.com.

For more information follow the link below: 


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