Johannesburg International Flower Show – Flower Hour All Episodes

Bringing the Johannesburg Flower Show to you!

Episode 01. In this episode, we visit the Aloe Farm in Brits where Andy de Wet gives us an amazing tour! We are then given a fantastic talk by Ruth from Rare and Air who will give you insights into how to raising and maintaining your Air plants.

Episode 02. In this episode, we explore flowers as an art form with some amazing floral displays and installations. We then find out what gardening really means whether it’s to help us grieve or bring us joy!

Episode 03. In this episode, we learn how to have fun and make your own floral headpiece.

Episode 04. In this episode, all the way from France the amazing Pascal Garbe one of our international judges in 2019 has prepared a short video on edible flowers.

Episode 05. In this episode, we go on an African flower safari with JIFS 2019 Head Judge Leon Kluge

Episode 06. In this episode, JIRS Floral Director Jill Manson shows us how to create some dry floral arrangements and make an amazing champagne bowl floral design.

Episode 07. In this episode we join Craid de Necker at the Friendly Plant, where we find out what he does and how he uses modern technology to be one of the best landscapers in South Africa.

Episode 08. In this episode we visit Sempaflora, one of South Africa’s biggest cut flower producers.

Episode 09. In this episode we head out to see JOZI Carnivores and their amazing carnivorous plants.

Episode 10. In this episode Chantal Fagri creates a festive table.