Annual International Exhibition of Botanical Art (Moscow)

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Irina Golubeva and I’m Vice-president of Society of Artists of Botanical Art (Russia).

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Annual International Exhibition of Botanical Art, which is to be held in Moscow from November 1 to 30, 2019.

As in previous years, besides SABA artists (at least 100 participants are expected this year), artists from the USA, Netherlands, Korea, Italy, Spain and other countries will take part in the exhibition. This year, the guest of honor at the Moscow exhibition will be Billy Showell – President of the Society of Botanical Artists.

For foreign artists, the conditions for participation are as follows:

1. The theme of the exhibition is Rare and Endangered Plants of the World. Works  that match the stated topic done in any technique will be accepted.

2. Since sending original works and customs clearance along with customs duties complicate participation and increase its cost, from abroad we accept work in electronic form (scan in a good resolution).

Works are to be printed in Moscow with professional equipment and exhibited in prints.

If desired, the print can be sent to the artist along with the catalog or you can enter the SABA archive. We guarantee that the images will be used only in papers and posts in social medias telling about the exhibition.

3. Frames and mats are provided by SABA.

4. The entrance fee is 25 Euro for participation with print – including the manufacture of a print, frame rental, a catalog with one work from each participant according to the results of the exhibition.

5. Deadline for September 5th.

Applications are accepted by mail igolubeva@rubotanicalart.com

Attached are photographs of some pages of the catalog of last year and Exhibition 2018.

We on instagram https://www.instagram.com/russianbotanicalartists/

С уважением,

Ирина Голубева

художник-график, вице-президент

Ассоциации Художников Ботанического Искусства


телефон +7-916-921-52-62

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